Katie Buckhaven (debut album)

Originally played on Sir Michael Parkinson’s Radio 2 Sunday Show.

Track Listing:

Lavender Eyes

We’re Not The Same

Blue Light

If Not For You


Can’t Have it Both Ways


Raining on the Moon

Hey You


Famous Blue Raincoat

This Game

The Girl in the White Dress


Forever Can Wait - The Big Untidy EP


                Katie Buckhaven


The Girl in the White Dress

It was in a dream, in a rose-scented garden at an old mill in France when I saw the girl in the white dress running across the fields, terrified. She couldn't see me, or hear my soundless cries. This album is dedicated to the girl in the white dress, whoever she was.

Track Listing:

Gravy Train


Boat Song

Not Your Type

Running Blind

I Told A Lie

Painted A Picture

Not The Way

The Wind Is Cold

Slip Away

Devil Song

All That I Remember

See The Light

Far Away

Forever Can Wait - The Big Untidy EP

Includes new tracks, downloads of unreleased material originally recorded for the debut album, and Saladbrothers remixes.

Track Listing:


Forever Can Wait

Don’t Let Sadness

Falling Down

Bonus Tracks:

Small Talk (unrelased track from debut album)

Why (unrelased track from debut album)

Storms (the Saladbrothers’ remix)

Don’t Let Sadness (the Saladbrothers’ remix)

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